After Stroke, revised edition.

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After Stroke, revised edition

David M. Hinds

Luminare Press, LLC

9781643881027, $17.08, PB, 300pp,

Synopsis: David M Hinds made a 100% recovery from a major stroke. To facilitate his recovery he used many of the techniques he employed as a successful stress management consultant to create a warmly personal and practical step-by-step recovery plan.

Now in a fully updated and newly revised edition, "After Stroke" is his offering of a motivational lifeline for all those recovering from stroke (and their caregivers as well) thereby helping them to adjust to this new situation.

David stresses the value of the three 'P's (Patience, Positive attitude and Perseverance) and includes the following advice: Keep calm, stop worrying and hold on to your sense of humor; Simplify your life and let others help; All that matters is getting well; Balance periods of healing exertion with much-needed rest; How the emotions you feel (anger, bitterness, guilt) can be used to fuel recovery;

Complete with information on risk factors; why a stroke occurs and what happens...

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