Afrocentricity International Salutes the Life of Bankie F. Bankie.

Position:In memoriam

Great men and women do not have to make much noise; they accomplish what they will by steadily moving forward. Bankie F. Bankie, an African giant whose work was celebrated throughout the world, is gone. Afrocentricity International, a worldwide organization of Afrocentric Pan Africanists, will redouble its effort to bring into existence a universal resurrection of ancestral respect and a will to create the United States of Africa.

Bankie F. Bankie has joined the ancestral realm and given us one more weaponized ancestor to fight our battle for the liberation of the minds and bodies of African people. Hail Bankie by remembering him not merely with word but with our actions and deeds. He was a Ghanaian. He was a Namibian. He was a South Sudanese. He was an African Diasporan. He was an African. Bankie's book, Pan Africanism/African Nationalism: Strengthening the Unity of Africa and its Diaspora, edited with Kingo Mchombu, attests to his position in the mainstream of Pan Africanism. We count him as a part of the long struggle for Afrocentricity although we recognize certain nuances that existed between us based on the understanding of history. While Afrocentricity International honors all African traditions we see a fundamental flaw in the acceptance of any foreign ideology, especially in terms of religion. Bankie was a Pan African nationalist who served our cause with distinction.

Who was this mighty elephant of Africa? He was...

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