African Development Foundation


Independent Establishments and Government Corporations



1400 ``I'' Street NW., Washington, DC 20005

Phone, 202-673-3916. Internet,

Board of Directors:

Chairman Ernest G. Green

Vice Chair Willie Grace Campbell

Members of the Board Claude A. Allen, (4 vacancies)


President Nathaniel Fields

Vice President (vacancy)

General Counsel Doris Martin


The African Development Foundation's goals are to advance broad-based, sustainable development and empowerment of the poor in Africa; to expand local capacity to promote and support grassroots, participatory development; and to enhance American assistance to and strengthen U.S. relations with Africa.

The African Development Foundation was established by the African Development Foundation Act (22 U.S.C. 290h) as a Government corporation to support the self-help efforts of the poor in Africa

The Foundation awards grants and cooperative agreements to African private organizations to do the following:

--promote micro- and small-enterprise development that will generate income and employment;

--improve community-based natural resource management for sustainable rural development;

--increase participation of African grassroots enterprises and producer groups in trade and investment relationships with the U.S. and within Africa; and

--promote community-based HIV/AIDS intervention programs.

In addition, the Foundation works within Africa to perform the following tasks:

--build self-supporting, sustainable, local community development agencies that provide technical assistance and support to grassroots groups;

--develop and replicate new models for...

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