Afinia Label partners with OpenBox.

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* Afinia Label has announced a partnership with OpenBox Group, a converter that tests, qualifies and stocks Memjet compatible labels for use with the L801 Label Printer.

"OpenBox Group makes it even easier for our customers to find a wide range of label materials, sizes and shapes to print their labels in-house and on-demand," says Mike Atkins, Afmia Labels national sales manager. "The people at OpenBox have a long history of label converting and were the first to use our L801 Label Printer in a commercial environment. OpenBox Group has expertise in Memjet technology, and access to both common and unique label substrates. This combination allows OpenBox Group to provide a full portfolio of Memjet printable labels in paper, film and vintage facestocks."

OpenBox offers a number of Memjet-compatible label materials, as well as a line of other labels. They can provide cut, or uncut stock. They have also created a Memjet Compatible...

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