Afinia Label gets personal with Kmart Australia.

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Kmart Australia is using Afinia Label's L301 color label printer, powered by HP thermal inkjet technology, to personalize Vegemite and Nutella jars at the point of sale.

Afinia Label, an OEM customer of HP Specialty Printing Systems (SPS), manufactures and distributes industrial color label printing and finishing equipment in more than 55 countries around the world. In a recent holiday campaign with Kmart Australia, Afinia Label L301 color label printers were purchased from Rawson Print Co. and deployed across 214 stores to personalize labeling on jars of Nutella and Vegemite. With the rise in online shopping, Kmart Australia saw this promotion as a way to offer a unique experience for customers visiting the brick and mortar stores.

The personalized products became available across Australia in time for the holiday shopping push. The campaign was designed to be marketed to Christmas shoppers, with Afinia Label L301 's printing custom color labels with personalized messaging at the time of purchase. Store guests simply selected jars of Vegemite or Nutella that service representatives then printed and labeled on the spot, The labeled jars were then ready for gifting or personal use.

The promotion proved extremely successful, resulting in a planned expansion of personalization across additional brands in the future.

"Afinia Label's printers...

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