Afghanistan's Romeo & Juliet.


Choose the best answer for each of the following questions. For the analysis section, refer to the article as needed.


  1. Zakia's marriage to Ali was controversial because

    a she was too young to marry under Afghan law.

    b the young people were from different ethnic groups, and Zakia's father did not approve of the marriage,

    c Ali was not from Afghanistan,

    d all of the above

  2. In Afghanistan, an "honor killing" occurs when

    a the police kill a person in custody,

    b a Sunni Muslim murders a Shiite Muslim in the name of religion,

    c male relatives of a girl kill her for doing something culturally forbidden,

    d female relatives of a girl kill a man for speaking or flirting with the girl without permission.

  3. Upheaval in Afghanistan began nearly four decades ago, when

    a the U.S. military intervened in the country,

    b the Soviet Union invaded the country,

    c the Taliban took control of the country,

    d none of the above

  4. Tajik and Hazara are

    a Afghanistan's two largest cities,

    b Afghanistan's two major religions,

    c two Afghan citizens who helped Zakia and Ali avoid the police,

    d the names of different ethnic groups in Afghanistan.


  5. Which choice best sums up the sequence of events?

    a Zakia and Ali married and hid from the police; they were taken into custody and later fled to the U.S.

    b Zakia and Ali met in police custody; they escaped and hid from police before fleeing to the U.S.

    c Zakia and Ali married; they were arrested and are now living in Afghanistan under house arrest,

    d Zakia and Ali fled Afghanistan by boat; they later came to the U.S. to get married.

  6. The article refers to an "American-led military intervention that ousted the Taliban." You can infer that the word ousted most nearly means

    a intimidated,

    b invaded,

    c allied with,

    d forced out.

  7. You can infer that publicity about their story

    a caused Zakia and Ali's marriage to fall apart,

    b has made Zakia and Ali very wealthy,

    c kept Zakia and Ali from escaping to the U.S.

    d ultimately worked to Zakia and Ali's advantage.

  8. Which phrase from the article provides the best evidence for the answer to question 7?

    a "When the couple was taken into custody, young Afghans were so outraged that the authorities let them go."

    b "They were picked up by corrupt secret police ..."

    c "In the following months, they bounced around the country, always on the move."

    d "But no nation stepped forward to offer them asylum."

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