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Corporations, universities, government agencies and individuals join AFEI to:

* Network with government and industry.

* Shape requirements, strategy and policy.

* Demonstrate thought-leadership

* Identify Information issues of extended enterprises.

* Stay abreast of developments in policy, programs and initiatives that impact markets and business relationships.

The AFEI Goals:

* Provide open collaboration opportunities amongst industry, academia and government.

* Represent neutral and objective industry positions and recommendations on topics such as: information sharing, information assurance, net-centricity, cyber security and deterrence, enterprise architecture, SOA and business models, open architecture and open technology standards.

* Create opportunities for learning and networking through conferences and symposia designed to bring previously unconnected communities with common issues together to develop synergy and shared experiences.

The association promotes network-enabled and information-sharing enterprises through the development and evolution of:

* People. Manage culture and change

* Process. Streamline and transform methods and the way to think about problems

* Technology. Connect through interoperable, open standards and architectures

* Information. Promote information sharing through a common language of business, ontology and taxonomy, meta-data repositories and reuse, service-oriented, process-oriented and event-driven architectures, semantic interoperability and standardization.


AFEI Working Groups are open to participation by those with legitimate interest in working on net-centric operations issues. The working groups and afei activities include:

* Data Sharing and Services Strategy (DS3)

* Information Assurance (IAWG)

* SafeSOA Task Force

* Information Sharing

* Executive Forum on Changing Business Models in Defense

Board of Directors

The AFEI Board of Directors sets the strategy and vision for AFEI and provides governance of its affairs. AFEI annually elects directors from corporate organizations. For a complete list of the board, please visit


Companies in the simulation, training, mission planning/rehearsal and support services industry are represented through membership in the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), an affiliate of NDIA since 1992.

NTSA provides the training, simulation, mission planning, related support systems and training services industries a recognized, focused, formal organization to represent and promote their business interests in the marketplace. The association provides a forum to communicate the full capability and broad characteristics of all of the elements of training systems...

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