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New York, Delray Beach (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Latin America / Caribbean) Apr 1, 2012

Boeing, Embraer Boeing, Embraer sign aviation pact. Boeing and Embraer signed an agreement Monday to work cooperatively on aircraft safety, operational efficiency and manufacturing productivity. The broad agreement was signed in Washington, D.C. by Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Jim Albaugh andE Embraer president and CEO Frederico Curado after a meeting with the US and Brazilian presidents at the White House. On the same day, Brazil and the US signed an aviation partnership memorandum of understanding (MOU) to expand cooperation between the two countries on civil aviation. At a press briefing at the US Chamber of Commerce, Albaugh said the government aviation partnership agreement would cover areas such as environmental and regulatory issues as well as open skies. The three focus areas for the Boeing-Embraer agreement would be airplane safety, efficiency of airliner operations and manufacturing productivity...

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