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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Technology Europe) Oct 13, 2013

AirBerlin will use aerodynamic optimization software to improve its fuel burn AirBerlin is looking to aerodynamics in order to improve its fuel burn and environmental performance as part of its eco-efficiency program. AirBerlin is the first airline to develop software for aerodynamic optimization. The software measures air flow in order to reduce resistance in flight. Smoothness is all in reducing resistance and even the small blemishes, rough paintwork or even a one-millimeter gap between the landing gear doors can increase a jetOs air resistance enough to cause significantly higher fuel consumption. The new tool inspects the entire surface of the jet and measures imperfections. The software also calculates how much additional fuel consumption will result from that increased air resistance. It then generates a list of priorities for the maintenance schedule of each individual aircraft, so the areas concerned can be corrected. Surface imperfections on an aircraft may not seem important, but the extra fuel consumed in a year...

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