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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Technology Europe) Sep 22, 2013

BMW: Connected-car growth to fuel bandwidth demand surge BMW is advancing an aggressive connected-car strategy that the automaker says will generate as much as 1TB of data every day by 2018, when it expects to have 10 million networked vehicles on the road. Speaking this week in London, BMW's vice president of IT infrastructure, Mario Mueller, said the growth of its connected-car fleet is challenging the company to transition from a carmaker into a provider of cloud and IT services as it prepares to handle some 12 million data queries a day this year. Sep 20, 2013

Airbus Airbus to continue flight tests for A350 XWB. Airbus will continue flight testing its A350 XWB by flying the composite aircraft in both hot and cold conditions because extreme weather can stress the aircraft. Airbus is scheduled...

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