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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Technology North America) May 12, 2013

Boeing Showcases BBJ 3 for the First Time at EBACE 2013 Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) is displaying a BBJ 3 for the first time at the 2013 European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland. The airplane, based on the 737-900ER, was outfitted with its custom VIP interiors at Jet Aviation in Basel, Switzerland. The BBJ 3 is currently for sale, so the exterior remains "green" or unpainted, ready for a livery to be selected by a new owner. The range of the BBJ 3 exceeds that of other business jets in its class. It can fly 4,900 nautical miles; more than 1,500 nautical miles (3 hours) farther than its direct competitor. "The BBJ 3 range advantage is the reason why it has outsold its direct competitor by seven-to-one," said Capt. Steve Taylor, president, Boeing Business Jets. "Our customers demand airplanes with great performance, enabling them to conduct business around the world." The BBJ 3 also features lower cabin altitude, pressurizing the cabin at 6,500 feet versus 8,000 feet of other business jets. This allows BBJ passengers to arrive at their destination relaxed and refreshed without feeling jet lagged. The cabin interior is finished in a bright, high-gloss sycamore wood, with hand-crafted marquetry woodwork integrated in the entrance panel. It features a large main lounge and a smaller area for staff, a dining room and a bedroom suite with a queen-sized bed and bathroom with a shower. Jet Aviation has completed the interiors of two dozen Boeing commercial and private aircraft since 1978. "We value our long standing partnership with Boeing and look forward to continued success providing quality work and craftsmanship to our mutual customers," said Dan Clare, president, Jet Aviation. The BBJ 3 on display can carry 38 passengers and eight crew members. It has a large cargo area that holds 230 pieces of luggage. To date, seven BBJ 3s have been ordered. Three are in completion; four are in service. The next airplane is scheduled to enter into service June 1. May 10, 2013

NetJets[umlaut] Inc. Announced as Official Worldwide Launch Partner of the New Bombardier Challenger 350 Aircraft NetJets[umlaut] Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company and the worldwide leader in private aviation, was today announced as the international launch partner of the new Bombardier* Challenger* 350* aircraft at a special event at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland. To mark the introduction of the Challenger 350 and to welcome the aircraft to the NetJets Signature Series*, a mock-up of the all-new super midsize Bombardier jet was unveiled at the event. OWe are excited about the addition of our exclusive NetJets Signature Series Challenger 350 aircraft to our fleet and the tremendous value this aircraft will bring to our unmatched global capabilities and most importantly, to our customers,O said NetJets Chairman and CEO Jordan B. Hansell. OThis distinct super midsize aircraft will deliver an experience that meets both our customersO travel and comfort requirements. The inflight experience is exceptional and unlike any other. The aircraft has an exceptionally quiet cabin allowing both serenity and conversation, soft, hand crafted leathers, meticulously designed wood finishes, an in-flight entertainment system offering choices for every taste, and a single service beverage maker, all designed specifically by NetJets.O Hansell added, OThe high design was all in an effort to allow our customers to relax and enjoy their flight whether for work or family. This state-of-the art jetOs cabin, designed in partnership with Bombardier Aerospace, will provide our discerning customers the best flight experience, along with the safety and reliability they expect from the worldwide leader in private aviation.O The NetJets Signature Series Challenger 350 aircraft will join the NetJets fleet in 2014 and is part of NetJetsO 10-year fleet plan to add up to 670 new products with a total value of $17.6 billion over the next decade. OThe Challenger 350 jet will take our existing Challenger family to new heights,O said Steve Ridolfi, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. OThis aircraft further enhances our leading business aircraft portfolio and will provide our customers with redefined design standards. Passengers will experience new comfort levels as they relax in the completely new cabin, enjoy a purpose-built intuitive cabin management system and increase their efficiency with superb climb performance. There is simply no substitute for a Challenger jet. NetJetsO Signature Series* Challenger 350 aircraft will offer customers...

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