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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Sep 22, 2013

Orbital Sciences spacecraft launch delayed until Wednesday The Cygnus spacecraft from Orbital Sciences will launch into space on Wednesday instead of Tuesday because of poor weather and a technical glitch. The unmanned spacecraft will deliver supplies to the International Space Station. "This mission will mark the completion of a five-year journey that NASA and our company embarked on in 2008 to create a new medium-class rocket, a sophisticated logistics spacecraft and a world-class launch site at the Wallops Flight Facility," said Orbital Sciences CEO David Thompson in a statement. Sep 16, 2013

NASA Photos from Curiosity reveal Martian mystery. An eclipse of one of Mars' moons. The wide reach of the Gale crater. The lower slopes of Mount Sharp. The Mars rover Curiosity is providing NASA researchers a wealth of images of the Red Planet that reveal the shape, form and scale of the mysterious surface of Mars. Sep 20, 2013

NASA NASA partners with private firms for resupply missions . NASA is turning to commercial firms such as Orbital Sciences to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. "By turning over [resupply services] to Orbital, NASA can focus on the more challenging human missions," said Alan Lindenmoyer, program manager of NASA's Commercial Crew and Cargo Program. Sep 19, 2013

NASA NASA researches 3-D printing for space station needs . NASA is researching 3-D printing as a way to provide astronauts with objects, such as spare parts or satellites, while on space missions. "What are we going to print on the International Space Station? We don't know yet, but when we need it, we'll be able to print it," said Matthew Reyes, founder of Exploration Solutions, a subcontractor to NASA. Sep 19, 2013

NASA Honoring the contributions of aerospace . National Aerospace Week is a time to recognize the ways in which the U.S. aerospace industry fuels national security, passenger safety, and global...

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