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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Jun 10, 2013

NASA NASA dirigible hangar at Moffett up for grabs . NASA can no longer afford to maintain the 1,100-foot-long Hangar One at Moffett Federal Field in California that was designed in the 1930s. It was used to house the reconnaissance dirigible USS Macon, with its associated Sparrowhawk aircraft that literally hooked onto the airship in flight, and the USS Akron. Jun 7, 2013

NASA NASA, educational group team up to learn STEM teaching. Learning how to teach students the principles of science, technology, engineering and math, in hands-on training -- that's the goal of a new partnership between NASA Langley and the Virginia Science Technology Engineering and Applied Mathematics Academy. NASA is providing 10 mentors to assist with the program, which also will get students inside NASA Langley to shadow professionals in their work. Jun 5, 2013

Orbital Sciences Orbital to build air-launched rocket for Stratolaunch. Orbital Sciences will construct a low-Earth-orbit rocket for Stratolaunch that will be sent into space with a massive carrier aircraft set for a 2016 test flight. SpaceX was initially in the running to create the rocket, but dropped out of the process earlier. The...

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