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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Jun 3, 2013

Mars pebbles likely smoothed by water, NASA says Curiosity has taken photos of smoothed, rounded rocks that appear to have been shaped by water flowing on Mars, NASA says. The pebbles are located near the rover's landing site, and they appear to have been eroded and moved by a long-ago river. May 31, 2013

Meteor collision may have hurt NOAA satellite A recent disruption in data flowing from a weather satellite operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration may have been caused by the satellite smacking into a micrometeroid, NOAA says. The Boeing-made satellite has stopped sending images and is now in safe mode. "Boeing and NOAA engineers are working to resolve the issue in an attempt to restore service as quickly as possible," says Boeing spokeswoman Jenna McMullin. May 31, 2013

GAMA, Gulfstream host rally to celebrate GA The General Aviation Manufacturers Association partnered with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. to hold a rally to celebrate the more than $150 billion general aviation contributes to the U.S. economy each year. The event was held Thursday at Gulfstream's facility in Appleton, Wis. May 31, 2013

Express flight delivers new space station crew Astronauts from the European Space Agency, Russia and the U.S. arrived on the International Space Station after an express six-hour flight from Earth. The three new crew members join three others already on the station, who are set to come home in September. Previous space-station journeys have taken two days. May 30, 2013

Unmanned X-37B spacecraft passes milestone The Air Force's classified-mission space plane is in Earth orbit, celebrating the five-month milestone since it was launched at Cape Canaveral. The unmanned plane, whose work has not been disclosed, is being monitored by amateur satellite watchers. "It's certainly important not to forget about these programs," said Ted Molczan of Toronto, a satellite tracker. "Careful observation over a long time may provide the clues to finally solve the mystery." May 29, 2013

Bang, Zoom to the MoonNWith Leonardo DiCaprio A potential space traveler and unnamed bidder has laid down half a million dollars for a ticket into outer space next to Leonardo DiCaprio on Virgin Galactic at an amFAR charity auction at Cannes on Memorial Day Weekend. According to People magazine, emcee Sharon Stone...

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