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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Apr 28, 2013

Kennedy Space Center to display Atlantis shuttle Crews today began unwrapping Atlantis inside its new exhibit facility at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. By 11:30 a.m., sheets of white shrink wrap had been pulled away from the retired shuttle orbiterOs forward section, revealing its nose, crew cabin and the name OAtlantis.O The orbiter had been under wraps since it was lifted 30 feet off the ground and tilted 43 degrees last November. The plastic shrink-wrap protected the priceless artifact while construction of the $100 million exhibit continued around it. The orbiter is expected to be fully revealed Friday, setting the stage for its payload bay doors to be opened soon. Apr 26, 2013

NASA satellite arrives at Calif. launch site A small NASA satellite that will study the sun has arrived at its Central Coast launch site. The Lompoc Record ( reports that the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph spacecraftNcalled IRIS for shortNreached Vandenberg Air Force Base last week after a journey from its manufacturing site at a Lockheed Martin facility in Palo Alto. IRIS is scheduled for launch into polar orbit on June 26 aboard a winged Pegasus rocket that will be dropped from a modified L-1011 jetliner over the Pacific, 100 miles northwest of Vandenberg. The satellite's single instrument is designed to gather data to increase understanding of how heat and energy move through the sun's atmosphere. Apr 26, 2013

NASA is on schedule to deliver heavy lift rocket, Bolden says NASA Administrator Charles Bolden assured lawmakers that the heavy lift rocket is on schedule. "We need a 70 metric-ton vehicle and we are on schedule, on target and on cost to provide that 70 metric-ton vehicle," he told a Senate subcommittee. Apr 26, 2013

Smartphones in space? NASA launched Android smartphones into space to test how well the devices can transmit photos back to Earth. The PhoneSat project will help determine if smartphones can be used for applications in space. The smartphones include a custom application to help transmit the photos from space. Apr 25, 2013

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