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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Jun 3, 2012

Florida leaders, Kaman workers warn against more cuts to aerospace and defense Rep. Ander Crenshaw, R-Fla., and Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll have addressed more than 400 workers at the Kaman Aerostructures facility in Jacksonville to warn about the threat to U.S. economic and military strength posed by $500 billion in sequestration budget cuts scheduled for January 2013. A study commissioned by AIA last year found that Florida could lose more than 39,000 jobs if Congress does not act to stop these cuts. May 31, 2012

AIA welcomes congressional action on satellite export control reform

The Aerospace Industries Association welcomes House action on satellite export reform in the fiscal year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. The language would return authority to the president for determining export controls for satellites and related technologies and is an important step towards strengthening our national security and opening export opportunities. AIA urges the Senate to address this critical issue and ensure the U.S. space industrial base stays second to none. May 30, 2012

Federal Aviation Administration Clears Virgin Spaceship For Test Flights The US Federal Aviation Administration has cleared SpaceShipTwo, a commercial six-passenger spacecraft owned by Virgin Galactic, to begin rocket-powered suborbital test flights, the company said on Wednesday. SpaceShipTwo manufacturer Scaled Composites of Mojave, California, received a one-year experimental launch permit on May 23 for test flights beyond the atmosphere, FAA spokesman Hank Price said. The six-passenger, two-pilot spacecraft is based on the prototype SpaceShipOne, also built by Scaled, which clinched the USD$10 million Ansari X Prize in 2004 for the first privately funded human spaceflights. SpaceShipOne made three suborbital hops beyond the atmosphere, each with a solo pilot aboard, ultimately reaching an altitude of nearly 112 km (70 miles) above Earth. SpaceShipOne is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum in Washington. Virgin Galactic is owned by British billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Group and Aabar Investments. Branson hired SpaceShipOne designer Burt Rutan, who has since retired from Scaled, to create a fleet of spaceships for commercial use. Virgin...

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