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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Jun 3, 2012

NASA NuSTAR X-ray observatory is set to launch June 13. NASA plans to launch its telescope spacecraft from the Pacific Ocean on June 13 in a mission designed to study black holes, supernovas and the sun. The NuSTAR X-ray observatory was planned to launch on a Pegasus XL rocket earlier this spring, but a software problem delayed the liftoff. Jun 1, 2012

SpaceX SpaceX success fuels commercial-spacecraft prospects. The successful docking of Space Exploration Technologies' Dragon capsule with the International Space Station appears to have improved the chances of commercial firms one day carrying astronauts, this feature says. The success may be starting to ease congressional resistance to NASA's outsourcing plans, industry watchers say. May 31, 2012

SpaceX SpaceX signs deal with commercial satellite giant. Space Exploration Technologies has landed its first commercial customer for its Falcon Heavy rocket, signing a deal with Intelsat, the largest commercial satellite operator in the world. Intelsat could launch the Falcon Heavy rocket as early as 2017, a source says. May 30, 2012

SpaceX SpaceX's capsule docking with space station is a historic milestone. Last week's docking of the SpaceX Dragon capsule with the International Space Station marked a milestone...

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