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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Mar 4, 2012

NASA Orion motor is readied for NASA test flight. Contractor ATK this week began converting the motor that will be used in the escape system for the Orion spacecraft, which is slated for a 2014 test launch. The launch abort system, considered a milestone for the project, is designed to protect the crew in case of accident. Mar 1, 2012

NASA N.C. students score in NASA challenge. A group of Jacksonville, N.C., students has been selected to compete nationally in a NASA engineering design challenge. The eighth-graders designed a zero-gravity foot for the Robonaut 2 used on the International Space Station, and did it using Legos. Ten groups of middle- and high-school students nationwide are now moving to the next phase of the challenge. Feb 29, 2012

NASA NASA says Mars flight will be later, cheaper. Stung by budget cuts and the criticism of Mars scientists, NASA may pursue a visit to Mars in 2018, when the red planet is the closest it will be to Earth in 15 years. The mission, which would enable NASA to save on fuel costs, would be a survivor among other Mars programs that were planned and which now have been canceled due to budget cuts. NASA sciences chief John Grunsfeld says the odds of the 2018 trip are better than even. Feb 29, 2012

NASA Mars scientists are discouraged over NASA cuts. Planned cuts to NASA's ambitious Mars exploration program have hit researchers hard. "[I]n essence, it is the end of the Mars...

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