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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Jan 1, 2012

China announces 5-year space-exploration plan China on Thursday unveiled a five-year space-exploration plan that further challenges America's space program. "This approach offers lessons for other advanced space powers, including the U.S., which needs to make sure it sustains its high-level investment in various aspects of space development across the board," said Andrew S. Erickson, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College. Dec 30, 2011

Do these scorched planets offer a glimpse of Earth's far-off future? Scientists have discovered two burned-out planets that they say may offer insight into what will happen to the Earth when our own sun exhausts itself 5 billion years from now. The planets, named KOI 55.01 and KOI 55.02, are a shadow of what they once were, but contrary to earlier presumptions, instead of collapsing into themselves, the scorched masses may in fact have helped keep their sun alive. "We think this is the first documented case of planets influencing a star's evolution," astronomer Stephane Charpinet says. Dec 22, 2011

FAA has issued a market survey The US FAA has issued a market survey to identify vendors who could provide a space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) service for remote mountainous areas in the US and in oceanic regions starting in 2018. Such a system would augment the FAA's domestic ground-based ADS-B infrastructure, set to be operational as early as 2013. The new system would complement the ground-based system with real-time surveillance of aircraft in remote or oceanic areas independent of radar or infrequent position reporting by voice or ACARS data messaging over satellite or ground links. "As part of FAA's ADS-B NextGen program, the Surveillance and Broadcast Services...

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