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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Dec 18, 2012

Google , NASA Google executives offer USD33M to rebuild Hangar One. The top three executives at Google have offered to rebuild a historic hangar. Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt have offered to pay for the USD33 million renovation of Hangar One at Moffett Field in California. The hangar used to house airships for the U.S. Navy and is now owned by NASA. Dec 12, 2011

Lockheed Martin, Pentagon Testing of GPS satellite will begin at Lockheed Martin. The prototype for a new generation of GPS satellites has arrived at Lockheed Martin to begin testing. The Block III satellites can pinpoint locations within three feet, compared to the 10 feet available with current GPS satellites. The Pentagon plans to eventually launch 32 Block III satellites. Dec 14, 2011

Microsoft Microsoft co-founder will lead Stratolaunch venture. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, plans to start a new venture to provide launch services for private spacecraft. "By the end of this decade, Stratolaunch will be putting spacecraft into orbit," said Allen. "We will keep America at the forefront of space exploration." Dec 14, 2011

NASA NASA's commercial space-taxi program faces delays. NASA's plan for commercial space taxis will be delayed because of budget cuts. Instead, the space agency will continue to rely on Russian transport to the International Space Station through 2017. "We got an increase in the budget in fiscal year '12, which was a good thing, but it wasn't quite the funding level that we anticipated," NASA associate administrator Bill Gerstenmaier said. Dec 16, 2011

NASA NASA tests a comet-hunting crossbow. NASA has created a giant crossbow that it hopes to use to capture a piece of a comet as it speeds past the Earth. The plan is simple, at least in theory: Fly a craft close to the comet, shoot a harpoon at it, then pull back the projectile and whatever bits it has latched onto. NASA is testing the feasibility of the plan at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. Dec 15, 2011

NASA Boosters for Space Launch System could run on kerosene. NASA's Space Launch System needs boosters for its heavy-lift rocket, and many industry observers are predicting a return to kerosene fuel for the rocket boosters. Space Exploration Technologies uses kerosene to power its Falcon 9 rocket, while United Launch Alliance also relies on kerosene for its Atlas V rocket. Dec 13, 2011

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory layoffs...

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