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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Sep 11, 2011

The ABA Forum on Air & Space Law will hold its annual conference on Sept. 22 - 23 in Montreal, co-hosted by McGill University's Institute of Air and Space Law. DOT General Counsel Robert Rivkin will give keynote remarks, and panels will address a wide range of topics, including the status and impact of open skies agreements, airline fare and distribution systems, global competition, aircraft financing and consumer protection. ATA members are represented on several panels, including the closing general counsel roundtable. Visit here for registration information. Sep 7, 2011

ATK Conducts Third Successful Test of Next-Generation Solid Rocket Motor. ATK conducted a third successful ground test of the next-generation solid rocket motor. The successful test, known as Development Motor (DM-3), is an important milestone in further validating the rocket's potential use in heavy lift and commercial launch vehicles. Initial test data indicate the motor performed as designed, producing approximately 3.6 million pounds of thrust, or 22 million horsepower, and burning for just over two minutes. The main test objectives from today's static motor firing were measuring the five-segment rocket's performance and verifying the performance of new materials in the motor joints at hot temperatures. Intentional flaws were introduced in the joint to allow hot gas to penetrate into part of the robust joint to verify joint performance. DM-3 is the largest human-rated solid rocket motor built today, measuring 12 feet in diameter and 154 feet in length. The five-segment motor is based on the Space Shuttle's four-segment boosters, but it has been upgraded to incorporate modern technologies and materials that were not used on the shuttle booster. As a result it produces 30 percent more power than the four-segment motor while utilizing new materials that provide cost and weight savings. Along with the motor development, ATK has been consolidating its facilities, workforce, and processes to further reduce the cost of producing the solid rocket motors. The five-segment motor was designed to maximize astronaut safety while providing the United States with an affordable and reliable launch capability for both crew and cargo missions. ATK is an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company with operations in 22 states, Puerto Rico, and internationally, and revenues of approximately $4.8 billion. News and information...

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