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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Aug 28, 2011

NASA Hurricane shouldn't affect launch preparations, NASA says. Hurricane Irene is expected to stay well off the Florida coast and shouldn't affect preparations for NASA's upcoming launches, the space agency says. However, Irene is expected to bring strong winds and rain to NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The agency is preparing the GRAIL mission, which will send spacecraft to study the interior of the moon, for a Sept. 8 launch. Aug 26, 2011

NASA Lawmakers urge NASA to accelerate development of spacecraft. Three lawmakers say the failure of Russia's Soyuz rocket this week highlights the need for the U.S. to fund development of spacecraft. The legislators are encouraging NASA to accelerate development of a heavy-lift launch vehicle. "We strongly encourage NASA to immediately announce this week -- not next month -- the design for their next launch vehicle," the lawmakers said in an announcement. Aug 26, 2011

NASA NASA discovers a room-temperature star. NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer recently discovered a star that emits less heat than the human body, with a temperature a record-low 80 degrees Farenheit. The star -- WISE 1828+2650 -- is part of a special class known as the brown dwarfs, which are sometimes called "failed" stars because their cores lack the mass to fuse atoms. NASA said the celestial bodies are important because they can help scientists study planets such as Jupiter, which shares a similar gaseous atmosphere. Aug 25, 2011

NASA Astronauts prepare to put Robonaut 2 to work. Robonaut 2 traveled on NASA's STS-13 mission to the International Space Station in February. Astronauts at the station are now preparing the experimental robot to get to work. "Everyone has been waiting with great anticipation [for] Robonaut's coming out," said NASA astronaut Mike Fossum. "He has been groveling in his storage location here in the lab. He's complained bitterly that he wants to get out and get to work." Aug 24, 2011


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