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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Jul 10, 2011

Cancellation of shuttle program starts political debate The retirement of the space shuttle program is seeing its share of opposition from politicians on both sides of the aisle who argue that the gap between the program and the availability of commercial rockets will cause the U.S. space program to lose its lead. "It's OMB that's holding this thing up," said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., said about the Office of Budget and Management. "You have bureaucrats over there who think they run the space program." Jul 6, 2011

Boeing Air Force to launch another GPS satellite. The Air Force will launch the second Boeing GPS IIF satellite via two solid-rocket motor strap-on boosters on July 14. The satellite will travel 11,000 miles before entering a circular orbit, said Jim Sponnick, vice president of mission operations at United Launch Alliance. Jul 8, 2011

NASA NASA spending cuts would eliminate Webb space telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope, viewed by experts as a major advancement for U.S. space missions, could be on the chopping block after the House Appropriations subcommittee unveiled a plan to cut NASA spending by 9%. The bill seeks to trim $1.6 billion from NASA's budget, and would also slow the agency's entrance into the commercial space taxi program. Jul 7, 2011

NASA Sierra Nevada Space Systems Adds Key Former NASA Leaders to Its Dream Chaser Orbital Space Vehicle Team. Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) Space Systems has announced the augmentation of its Dream Chaser Orbital Space Transportation Vehicle team through the addition of several former NASA veteran human spaceflight experts. Mark Sirangelo, head of Sierra Nevada Space Systems said, "SNC is seeking to develop a strong partnership with NASA. Our Dream Chaser vehicle was born at NASA before we took on its development. By adding these highly experienced former NASA people to the SNC Dream Chaser program we can blend the best of both the NASA heritage method of vehicle development alongside the best of industry practices. The depth of human spaceflight expertise from these former NASA leaders is already directly contributing to SNC's rapid success in developing the Dream Chaser spacecraft for transport of crews to the International Space Station." The newest member of the Dream Chaser management team is astronaut Steven Lindsey, who will be joining the team in July as Director of Flight Operations. Steve is the former Chief of...

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