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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Jun 26, 2011

Aerojet Fuel fire damages Aerojet engine destined for Taurus II. A fuel fire this month badly damaged an Aerojet AJ26 engine that was supposed to power the Orbital Sciences' Taurus II launch vehicle. "There was significant damage to the engine," said Barron Beneski, a spokesman for Orbital. The engine ignited after leaking kerosene fuel during a hot-fire acceptance test, said Beneski and a spokesman for Aerojet. Jun 23, 2011

Boeing Boeing is optimistic about cyber protection and unmanned aircraft. Chris Raymond, head of strategy and business development at the Defense Space & Security division of Boeing, highlighted cyber protection and unmanned-aircraft programs as having potential for growth. His comments came as the Pentagon aims to rein in its spending. Raymond said unmanned aerial vehicles "will stay hot from a research and development perspective." Jun 20, 2011

EADS EADS Astrium's Spaceplane concept - designed to take four passengers 100km into sub-orbit - is edging closer to reality following the signing up of Singapore as a partner. However, more money is needed for the project to be launched commercially, said Francois Auque, chief executive of the European space specialist. "The Spaceplane concept is very mature. We are now looking for development money," said Auque, speaking at an EADS media seminar on Saturday. Jun 22, 2011

Globalstar Photo Release -- Go for Launch - Globalstar Announces Launch Date for Six New Second-Generation Satellites. Globalstar, a provider of mobile satellite voice and data services to businesses, government, and recreational consumers today announced that the second launch of six new Globalstar satellites is scheduled for July 11, 2011 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Company also announced that engineers and technicians from launch services provider Arianespace and satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space have completed fueling of the satellites and all six spacecraft have now been mated to the upper stage dispenser of the Soyuz launch vehicle. The Soyuz is one of the world's most reliable commercial launch vehicles. On October 19, 2010 a Soyuz booster was used to successfully launch six new Globalstar second-generation satellites. It was also successfully utilized on eight previous occasions to launch Globalstar's first generation satellites. Later this year Globalstar plans to conduct two additional launches of six satellites per...

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