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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) May 29, 2011

Boeing Boeing exec outlines outlook for defense and space unit. Dennis Muilenburg, president and CEO of Boeing's defense and space unit, told attendees at the company's investors conference that international business will help drive revenues this year. However, he warned about longer-term concerns related to budget cuts and industrial base health. Muilenburg described the market as "a tough defense environment right now. May 26, 2011

Boeing Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems is to build the Inmarsat-5 satellites that will provide Ka-band mobile broadband services from late 2014. A $700 million long-term, fixed-rate direct loan to Inmarsat from the US Export-Import Bank secured the deal for Boeing's California-based space division over Thales Alenia Space, with financing via Ex-Im's French rival, COFACE. May 24, 2011

NASA NASA looks to future as space station nears completion. As the shuttle Endeavour nears the end of its next-to-last mission, the future of the American space program remains uncertain, but the possibilities continue to drive astronauts and others at NASA. "We've never built anything that can do what the space shuttle can do, carry that tremendous mass to orbit, bring stuff back, do spacewalks," said Endeavour commander Mark Kelly. "But I think it's time that we move on and do something equally exciting, build a new vehicle and maybe go to new destinations." May 27, 2011

NASA NASA has released a draft request for proposal (RFP) seeking bids for providers of suborbital flights. The RFP, released on 26 May, will award an indefinite-quantity, indefinite-delivery contract to multiple selectees. The payloads to be carried are unspecified beyond that they will be dedicated to, "enabling future missions and benefiting America's commercial aerospace industries". May 26, 2011

NASA Lockheed Martin tapped to develop space probe for NASA. NASA is planning a 2016 mission that aims to gain a greater understanding of the origins of life. Lockheed Martin Space Systems will build an $800 million space probe to retrieve asteroid samples for the mission. "This asteroid is a time capsule from the birth of our solar system and ushers in a new era of planetary exploration," said Jim Green, head of NASA's Planetary Science Division in Washington, D.C May 26, 2011

NASA NASA has announced its intent to move forward with the multi-purpose crew vehicle (MPCV) as a project based off and almost...

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