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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Space News) Oct 6, 2013

NASA It costs $50,000 to launch a gallon of water into space. To reduce costs, NASA partners with the private sector for specialized research and to develop new materials. Speaking on behalf of NASA on October 15, 2013, Mayur Ahuja, Deputy Director of Engineering at Jacobs Engineering Group, will share insights on the roadmap for upcoming projects to guide companies interested in supporting future projects. "NASA wants to develop new technologies and extend existing ones by partnering with the commercial sector to advance long-range missions," Ahuja said. "The goal is to lower the cost of operating in space and of sustaining that operation, as well as to increase the performance of space hardware." NASA seeks fresh perspectives to its daily challenges from all types of organizations. Where possible, it uses items that are commercially available and have been well researched and tested. Oct 1, 2013

Orbital Science Glitch delays Cygnus-space station link-up. Orbital Science's cargo ship Cygnus was unable to link with the International Space Station as planned Sunday after a data glitch interfered with Cygnus' communication with the station. Orbital Sciences is working on a software fix to the problem. Sep 30, 2013 9/30/2013

SpaceX SpaceX, Orbital lift hopes of private-public space push. SpaceX's recent launch of its Falcon 9 rocket and the arrival of Orbital Science's Cygnus cargo ship at the International Space Station together mark a...

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