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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Europe) Feb 28, 2010

Near-collision between a discarded Chinese rocket and the European spacecraft. Officials were able to avert a near-collision between a discarded Chinese rocket and the European Space Agency's Envisat Earth spacecraft last month, but the incident underscored how hazardous the growing mass of orbital debris in the earth's orbit is becoming. The worst-case scenario, experts say, would be if the International Space Station took a fatal hit, which could turn public opinion against human spaceflight. Feb 24, 2010

New London embassy on track to be greenest. Philadelphia architecture firm Kieran Timberlake has been named to design a U.S. embassy in London. The facility is planned to be the greenest, "beyond carbon neutral," and one of the most expensive U.S. embassies worldwide. The 12-story, high-security building features a glass structure set in a meadow and flanked by ponds. Feb 24, 2010

Researchers find "Chuck Norris" botnet in routers. Czech researchers have uncovered a botnet running on broadband routers and DSL adapters. Click here for the original Czech report. The research was the work of Jan Vykopal, head of the security project of Masaryk University, along with experts from the Brno Military Academy and the Defence Ministry. They said the main purpose of the botnet was to steal the usual sensitive data: bank accounts, e-mail inboxes, etc. Vykopal added that the botnet could be used for attacking other systems. Feb 23, 2010

U.S. to sell missiles, launchers to France. French Defense Minister Herve Morin announced on Monday his country's plans to purchase 260 Javelin missiles and 76 launchers from the U.S. government for about $70 million. The missiles will be bought through the U.S.'s Foreign Military Sales program. The U.S. had been in competition with Rafael of Israel to supply France with the missiles. Feb 22, 2010

AgustaWestland India has taken a step closer towards buying a dozen AgustaWestland AW101 helicopters that it plans to use for VIP transport, including flying the Indian prime minister. Reports in India say the government's cabinet committee on security has finally given the go-ahead for the procurement, which had reportedly been tied up for more than a year because there was some political bickering over the price tag. AgustaWestland confirms that a contract has been signed for 12 medium-lift AW101s, with these to replace some of the...

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