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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Europe) Feb 15, 2010

Missile defense won't be linked to treaty. Reports that the U.S. will link missile defenses to the nearly finished successor to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, are not true, according to the State Department. A comment on a blog belonging to John Beyrle, the U.S. ambassador to Russia, suggested that missile defenses would be referred to in the text of the treaty, but a State Department spokesman said there was no direct link between missile defense and strategic offensive arms. Feb 12, 2010

Nuclear treaty talks with Russia aren't stuck. President Barack Obama is denying claims by a top Russian general that nuclear treaty talks are stalled because of U.S. insistence on building a European missile shield. Obama said instead that Russia has a "forward leaning" approach to Iran's nuclear ambitions, compared with China, which has been more ambivalent. Feb 10, 2010

Airbus, EADS

Airbus parent EADS reportedly is ready to drop A400M if no deal is reached by Monday. Aerospace group EADS reportedly will start to wind down development of the A400M military transport plane if an agreement with partner governments isn't reached by Monday. An EADS executive told unions that the company's CEO, Louis Gallois, wrote to governments involved saying that development of the plane would not continue if a deal wasn't reached on covering cost overruns. Feb 12, 2010

Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Airbus

Air Force sets date for release of tanker guidelines. The Air Force says final guidelines for the KC-X aerial-refueling tanker will be...

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