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Feb 7, 2010

Romania OKs plan to allow U.S. missiles. Romania has accepted a plan to allow the U.S. to place ground-based missile interceptors in its country. In a hastily arranged announcement, the country's president, Traian Basescu, said Romania was willing to negotiate the placement. Poland and the Czech Republic were known to participate in the missile shield, but it was largely uncertain whether Romania would join them. Feb 5, 2010

China's sanction threat raises concerns in aerospace industry. The aerospace industry is reacting with concern to a threat from China to impose sanctions against American groups involved in a deal to sell $6.4 billion in arms to Taiwan. The deal would involve Black Hawk helicopters, Patriot missiles and other systems provided by Boeing, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Giovanni Bisignani, director-general of the International Air Transport Association, is calling for talks between Beijing and Washington on the matter. Feb 2, 2010


Airbus Military and Lockheed Martin were promoting their respective airlift capabilities at the Singapore air show, saying that the Asia-Pacific region will continue to require cargo aircraft due to its unique circumstances. The future of the Airbus A400M remains in limbo, with the company's parent EADS threatening to scrap the airlifter amid ongoing negotiations with its seven European launch customers about additional funding to keep the programme on track. Feb 3, 2010

BAE Systems

BAE Systems says it has "drawn a line under the past" after reaching settlements with the UK Serious Fraud Office and US Department of Justice over its past business conduct. Following an SFO investigation into the sale of radar equipment to Tanzania in 1999 that lasted more than five years, BAE says it will plead guilty "to one charge of breach of duty to keep accounting records in relation to payments made to a former marketing adviser". The admission of guilt stems from a failure "to accurately record such payments in accounting records", it adds. BAE has announced a financial allocation of GBP30 million (USD46.9 million), with this to cover a fine yet to be determined by the courts, "with the balance as a charitable payment for the...

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