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Jan 24, 2010

The Royal Air Force has been required to halt passenger operations with its Vickers VC10 fleet, but says the step will have no effect on its ability to support an "airbridge" between the UK and Afghanistan. Justification for the move has been attributed to "an ongoing review of the RAF's air transport and communications [aircraft] fleet", says the RAF. "There are some areas where further investigation must be done to ensure that our airworthiness arrangements are at least as effective as for civilian aviation," it adds. Jan 19, 2010

BAE Systems

BAE Systems' Coyote unmanned air vehicle could be flying into tropical storms later this year, after completing a 49min flight test involving the US government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the third quarter of last year. Initially US Navy-funded, the expendable Coyote is 0.91m (3ft) long, has a 1.47m wingspan and weighs 5.9kg (13lb), including a 0.9kg maximum payload. Sonobuoy-deployed from up to 20,000ft, the Coyote emerges from its casing in freefall, unfolds its wing and stabilises for a 60kt (111km/h) cruise speed. The goal is for 1h endurance at 60kt, and battery improvements could see a 50% increase. A meteorological sensor is being developed for the NOAA, while the USN variant uses an infrared or electro-optical package for intelligence, surveillance and...

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