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A second flight of the first A400M test aircraft, MSN1, succeeded in clearing "the entire normal flight envelope, including the maximum operating speed of 300kt [555km/h] and maximum Mach number of M0.72", according to Airbus Military. During the 3h 10min flight from Seville on 22 December the aircraft operated at 30,000ft (9,100m). 12/28/2009


The Airbus A400M has cleared its entire normal flight envelope on its second test flight completed earlier today, the manufacturer says. Coming 12 days after the A400Ms first flight, the second sortie involved reaching maximum operating speed of 300kt (555km/hr) and maximum Mach number of M0.72. Test pilot Nacho Lombo and Ed Strongman piloted the aircraft during the 3hr10min flight, which ranged from Seville to northern Spain at a cruising altitude of 30,000ft (9,144m) 12/23/2009


The last of 20 Eurocopter EC635s has been handed over to the Swiss air force. The service is using them to replace its SA316 Alouette III transports this year, when the introduction phase of the EC635, which is the military variant of the EC135 light twin, will be completed and the fleet becomes fully operational. The delivery, by Switzerland's Armasuisse procurement agency under a 2006 sale contract, marked the on-time and quality completion of the Swiss Light Transport and Training Helicopter programme. This consists of two EC135s for the federal air transport service and 18...

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