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Aug 30, 2009

First details have emerged of a new family of unmanned air vehicles designed by scientists and students from the Mobile Systems Research Laboratories and Institute of Computing Science at Poland's Poznan University of Technology. To be suitable for military and civilian tasks including surveillance, border patrol and vehicle identification and tracking, the systems are expected to support a 2013 demonstration of Poland's indigenous Proteus system. This will provide instant situational awareness during emergency situations, allowing efficient management of rescue activities. Aug 26, 2009


The UK Royal Air Force has launched a four-month series of environmental training exercises in the USA intended to prepare crews of its AgustaWestland Merlin HC3/3A (AW101) transport helicopters for deployment to Afghanistan. The move comes as the service's hard-working fleet of Boeing CH-47 Chinooks was temporarily depleted following the first loss of an aircraft in the country's Helmand Province. RAF Merlins arrived at the US Navy's El Centro training facility near San Diego, California in late August to participate in Exercise Merlin Vortex. The aircraft were flown to the site using RAF Boeing C-17 strategic transports. Aug 27, 2009


The UK has begun investigating the feasibility of extending the Eurofighter Typhoon's fatigue life beyond its nominal 6,000 flying hour limit. The move would prolong the availability of the Royal Air Force's early-build aircraft and extend the type's designated out-of-service date beyond 2030. "We expect it almost certainly to go beyond 2030," says RAF Gp Capt Tony...

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