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Sep 27, 2009

HRG has retained its contract with aerospace and defence company Cobham plc which it has held since 2006. The TMC said Cobham would continue to use its "classic" service for booking air, rail and ground travel, and also hotel rooms. Chris Fry, commercial director for HRG, said "strong relationships combined with tangible measures of success" were becoming increasingly important to its clients. Cobham's finance director Paul Long said the decision to stay with HRG was based on "confidence, trust and commercial savings." Cobham, based in the UK, employs around 12,000 worldwide. Sep 24, 2009


Airbus Military is targeting sales of up to 50 more A330-based multi-role tanker transports (MRTT) outside the USA, as it prepares to step up flight-testing of the first aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force. A draft request for proposals for the latest iteration of the US Air Force's long-standing KC-X requirement, covering at least 100 aircraft, is also expected soon. Sales of the A330 MRTT stand at 28 - for Australia (five), Saudi Arabia (six), the United Arab Emirates (three) and the UK (14). Sep 23, 2009

Airbus, Etihad Airways

The United Arab Emirates air force is to equip its three Airbus Military A330 Multi Role Tanker Transports (MRTT) with the standard passenger cabin used by the country's national airline, Etihad Airways. The aircraft will be converted by Airbus Military for an air-to-air refuelling role from "green" A330-200s at the company's Getafe facility near Madrid, and will feature Etihad's two-class, 262-seat layout and full galley and in-flight entertainment system fit. Service entry of the first UAE A330 MRTT is scheduled for 2011. Sep 24, 2009

Airbus, Northrop Grumman, Boeing

The trade dispute between Airbus and Boeing has taken a central role in the fight to build the KC-X tanker for the US Air Force. Northrop Grumman and EADS North America are offering the KC-45, an Airbus A330-200 modified into a tanker. Boeing is considering both the KC-767 and KC-777, depending on how the USAF sets the requirements for the potentially 179-aircraft order. A draft request for proposals, expected to be released within weeks, will set the requirements based on the tanker mission, but some of Boeing's allies in Congress want an interim ruling by the World Trade Organisation stating that Airbus benefited from illegal subsidies to factor heavily into the selection process for KC-X contract. Sep 23...

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