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Apr 12, 2009

BAE Systems

BAE Systems has demonstrated its proposed package of upgrade options for the Hawk jet trainer to current users. It hopes to gain backing within the next few months to advance the project. Unveiled during last month's Hawk User Group meeting in Muscat, Oman, the proposals centre on an extensive modernisation to pre-100-series aircraft, and more limited capability enhancements to more recent production examples. The full package proposed for early-generation, "short-nosed" Hawks includes the overhaul of their analogue cockpits to introduce two multifunction displays and a head-up display. BAE showcased the new configuration with a cockpit demonstrator, and used Dassault Catia modelling to show how new equipment would be installed, adding just 50kg (110lb) to the nose weight of 60-series jets. Users of 100- and 200-series aircraft can select design elements from South Africa's Hawk 120 and the UK's new Hawk 128, such as hands-on throttle and stick controls, new mission computers and embedded simulation. Customers were given access to a 120-based demonstrator rig using real software supplied by Advanced Technologies & Engineering. Apr 6, 2009

Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel Aerospace Industries has bought 50.1 % of the shares of Brazil's Synergy Group, forming a new joint venture to develop, integrate and support a wide range of defence and aerospace products, including unmanned airvehicles, missile systems, radars and electronic warfare and intelligence systems, and to provide commercial aviation services. Apr 10, 2009

Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel Aerospace Industries has released new details about the equipment fit of its maritime patrol-configured Heron unmanned air vehicle. To be employed as a replacement for current manned surveillance assets in nations including Israel, the Heron will carry an Elta Systems...

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