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Mar 8, 2009

A Russian defense official says his country already has developed the "basic, key elements" of an anti-satellite weapons system, though he insists Russia is opposed to an arms race in space. Gen. Valentin Popovkin says the Russian efforts are a response to recent U.S. and Chinese tests of their anti-satellite weapons. "We can't sit back and quietly watch others doing that; such work is being conducted in Russia," he says. Mar 6, 2009

Obama said ready to deal with Russia on missile defense. President Barack Obama reportedly has written to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, suggesting that the U.S. would rethink its plans for a missile shield in Eastern Europe if Russia rethinks its support for Iran's nuclear program. Administration officials have said publicly that the missile shield -- a primary sticking point in U.S.-Russian relations -- would be unnecessary in the absence of an Iranian threat. Mar 3, 2009

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