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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Europe) Oct 6, 2013

DeepFlight uses "downward lift" to fly underwater The DeepFlight Super Falcon underwater airplane recently made its public debut at the Monaco yacht show. Marine engineer Graham Hawkes designed the vehicle with 8.8-foot wings and uses "downward lift" to fly underwater. It is extremely quiet during operation, allowing it to get close to sea life. "The Super Falcon is built for incredible new encounters, and we are having them. Most people have never been able to experience anything like it before," said Hawkes. A three-day pilot training program is required to operate the vehicle. Oct 2, 2013

Draken International Draken International, a leading provider of commercial air services, continues to rapidly build up its supersonic fleet with the delivery of twenty-five MiG-21 aircraft. With MiG-21 assembly operations taking place on both coasts, Draken...

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