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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Europe) Sep 30, 2012

Boeing Europe calls for consultations in Airbus-Boeing WTO dispute. Europe has called for further consultations through the World Trade Organization (WTO), insisting that Boeing is still benefiting from illegal subsidies. For years, the large civil aircraft dispute has swung back and forth, with the European Union (EU) alleging that Boeing benefits from illegal state subsidies and the US lodging similar claims against Airbus. Acting on the European complaint, in March the WTO told the US to correct a number of subsidy rule breeches by Sept. 23, which the US said it did. OThe United States Trade Representative has been working extensively over the last six months with all of the government entities affected by the March 23, 2012 ruling in this caseNincluding NASA, the Department of Defense, the State of Washington, and the City of WichitaNto ensure full compliance with the United StatesO WTO obligations,O the United States Trade Representative (USTR) said. However, the EU disagrees. In a communication to the WTO, it alleged the US has Ofailed to achieve complianceO with the ruling, adding it Omaintains specific subsidies that cause present adverse effects to EU interests.O The WTO confirmed it received a notification from the EU requesting consultations with the US. Boeing claims the Orelatively small amounts of subsidyO on the US side have been addressed, but questions why OAirbus...

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