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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Europe) May 30, 2010

U.S. missiles, forces arrive in Poland to train military. In what represents the largest deployment of U.S. forces to Poland, American solders and a battery of Patriot missiles have arrived in that country to train the Polish military for two years. The mission is taking place at a base in the northern Poland city of Morag, about 37 miles from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, and Moscow has expressed anger at the operation taking place so close to its territory. May 25, 2010

Airbus, EADS Airbus Military has begun bench testing systems for a signals intelligence variant of the A320, as part of a drive to expand its offering of military derivatives of Airbus commercial platforms. Equipment is being tested at one of the company's facilities near Madrid under a self-funded feasibility study, says Miguel-Angel Morell, senior vice-president engineering and technology. He confirms that applications being tested "are electronic, communications and signals intelligence". Senior vice-president commercial Antonio Rodriguez-Barbern says: "We have initiated preliminary conversations with some potential customers with regard to an application of this type. We will do this with the same philosophy as our other platforms: we are there to win." May 28, 2010

Airbus, EADS France and the UK have agreed to pursue a joint contract for the full in-service support of their future inventories of A400M transports, Airbus Military has revealed. Now in negotiation, the performance-based deal has been in discussion for more than three years, says Richard Thompson, the company's senior vice-president customer services. May 27, 2010

Airbus, EADS, Northrop Grumman Awarding KC-X contract to EADS could affect national security. As competition between Boeing and EADS heats up for the $35 billion KC-X tanker, Boeing officials are warning about the possibility of Europe-based EADS witholding spare parts and aircraft to impose state policy against the U.S. Tim Keating, Boeing's senior vice president for government operations, called for a policy debate, also noting that most of the work on the Airbus 330-based tanker would be performed by EADS' European division, despite EADS' indication that the KC-X program would be run entirely by the independent U.S. subsidiary, EADS North America. EADS officials called the allegations part of "Boeing's ongoing misinformation...

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