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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Europe) May 16, 2010

Unwanted U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe raise concerns The fate of as many as 200 unwanted B-61 U.S. nuclear weapons at six air bases across Europe is becoming the subject of increasing concern and political struggle. Al-Qaida terrorists have reportedly targeted at least one of the weapon sites northeast of Brussels, and U.S. Air Force inspectors found inadequate security at most of the sites. Unwanted U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe raise concerns May 11, 2010

Airbus, EADS, Northrop Grumman The US Air Force's selection of the Northrop Grumman/EADS North America team's Airbus A330-200F based KC-45 in 2008 was one of the most remarkable decisions made within the last several years. By rejecting Boeing's offer of a KC-767 to meet its KC-X requirement, the service appeared to have removed the company's decades-old dominance of the air-to-air refuelling sector. It also seemed to have vindicated a bid strategy which had promised to deliver a vital commodity: "more". May 11, 2010

BAE Systems, Eurofighter BAE Systems has been awarded a contract worth about GBP150 million (USD221 million) to provide avionics support services for Eurofighter operators Germany, Spain and the UK. Placed as a five-year deal by the Eurofighter industry consortium, the contract will incentivise BAE to improve the reliability of key equipment, and to reduce the volume of repairs needed. It will work in combination with seven other suppliers under the terms of the contract. May 13, 2010

Boeing, Airbus, EADS, Northrop Grumman Boeing urges support of bill to require Pentagon to consider WTO decisions. Boeing is throwing its support behind a bill that would require the Pentagon to consider decisions of the World Trade Organization when awarding defense contracts. As Boeing competes with European defense giant EADS for a major contract to build 179 new aerial tanker refueling planes for the Air Force, the company has argued that the Pentagon should consider the recent WTO finding that EADS-owned Airbus benefited from illegal subsidies. Boeing has approached several U.S. senators about supporting the bill. May 13, 2010

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