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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Asia / Pacific) Jun 16, 2013

Hagel meets with crew on USS Freedom The USS Freedom, a Navy littoral combat ship participating in training exercises with allies in the Asia-Pacific region, got a visit recently from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who praised the crew. "What you represent to our country and our partnerships in the Asia-Pacific I don't think can be overstated," Hagel said. "You are really defining a new era of partnership." Jun 14, 2013

Boeing Boeing C-17 arrives in India. India has officially received its first Boeing C-17 strategic transport, becoming the eighth operator of the type. After taking delivery of the aircraft at Edwards AFB in California, the Indian air force crew departed for India, with the airlifter expected to touch down at Hindon air base near New Delhi on 17 June. New Delhi will receive four more C-17s this year, and five in 2014, says Boeing. This will make the Indian air force the operator of the second largest fleet of C-17s, after the US Air Force's current 218-strong inventory. The UK currently holds this status, with its Royal Air Force operating eight of the type. Other current users include Australia...

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