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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Europe) Jan 1, 2012

NATO looks for a partner to bolster cybersecurity NATO is looking for a partner to boost its cybersecurity abilities, and plans to issue a USD42 million contract to foster the development of systems that will gather and sort through data in an effort to detect cyberthreats. Dec 19, 2011

Airbus, EADS Ever since the Beatles managed it, "cracking the USA" has been an obsession for European musicians. However, it appears that imperative also weighs equally heavily on the European aerospace industry. Although the sector has some small footholds on the other side of the Atlantic, via the likes of BAE Systems and Finmeccanica, no one company has yet surfaced to challenge any of the US aerospace giants on their own turf. EADS has perhaps come the closest. Until 24 February 2011, when the US Air Force awarded the KC-X contest to Boeing, EADS appeared to have a strong chance of parking its tanker on Boeing's lawn. As well as the 179 aircraft up for grabs in the contest, EADS had promised, should it win, to move final assembly of its Airbus A330 Freighter to Mobile, Alabama. Dec 22, 2011

Eurocopter, Australian Aerospace Australia Aerospace delivers MRH90 helicopter. Australian Aerospace, a unit of Eurocopter, delivered the 15th NHIndustries MRH90 helicopter to the Australian government, after some delays because of engine and cooler fan issues. "The project is running late, primarily due to technical issues affecting the aircraft," said Jason Clare, a government official. Dec 28, 2011

Eurocopter, Ecuador Ecuador receives 2 helicopters from Eurocopter. Ecuador has accepted delivery of two Ecureuil AS350 B2 helicopters from Eurocopter. "This purchase will equip the armed forces with a new generation...

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