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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Africa / Middle East) Aug 28, 2011

Afghan Air Force Completes First Year of Mi-17 Helicopter Intermediate Maintenance Defense Technology Inc. announced today that they completed teaching one year of Mi-17 intermediate level maintenance training for the Afghan Air Force. Over thirty Afghan soldiers have now graduated from the class and are ready to lead maintenance teams in the field. Under the leadership of the USAF 440th Air Expeditionary Squadron, these classes were designed to provide experienced maintenance personnel with a refresher of OEM maintenance techniques and added theory to assist with trouble shooting. The senior Afghan maintainers have a strong level of experience, but most have not had OEM-type training in 20 years. The commander of the Afghan Aviation Maintenance Group, Colonel Abdul Shafi, said that, "These courses have helped increase the knowledge of our Mi-17 maintainers and will improve the maintenance posture of our (Afghan) Air Force in general." He also noted that, "Graduates must apply what they have learned in the course to their responsibilities in maintaining the helicopters on the flight line." The DTI training team, led by Bryon Kreck, received letters of appreciation from Afghan Air Force Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab for their exceptional service in...

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