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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America) Apr 10, 2011

Boeing Boeing prepares master plan for KC-46A tanker. Boeing is working to produce an integrated baseline review outlining the master plan for the $4.4 billion KC-46A tanker development contract, which is due to be delivered to the Pentagon within six months of the Feb. 24 contract award. The review will detail issues such as flight testing and other major milestones. Apr 8, 2011

Boeing New details about the KC-46A tanker/transport contract, Boeing's $4.4 billion tanker, and specifics of how the contract will be executed along with a never-before-seen image of the aircraft the United States Air Force is buying. Senior Pentagon Editor Amy Butler's interview with Assad is detailed on and in the April 11, 2011 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology. The article, "Refueled: Pentagon Gives First Peek at KC-46A Details," highlights what the U.S. Defense Department says was a disciplined, no-ambiguity approach during the KC-X competition between Boeing and EADS. It further examines Boeing's contract, including the proposed timeline and possible pricing figures for the aircraft, and shows a first-ever artist's depiction of the KC-46A, which is notably lacking the prominent winglets appearing in earlier images of the aircraft. Apr 8, 2011

Boeing Boeing signed up to a fixed-price incentive deal to design the KC-135 refueler replacements. Solid execution on the contract could exonerate Boeing for poor performance delivering 767-based tankers for Japan and Italy, and for losing its first KC-X attempt to a Northrop Grumman/EADS team in 2008. Progress on the KC-46A contract will be a reflection of the Air ForceOs ability to manage a major program after a decade of sordid procurement foul-ups, including the repeated restarts of the KC-X duel. OThe Air Force and the department basically put its very best people on this source selection,O Assad says. The proposed price for BoeingOs 767-based KC-46A program N $21.4 billion N beat that from EADS by about 10%, according to EADS Chairman Ralph Crosby. BoeingOs price, including inflation and in todayOs dollars, is about $31.5 billion, EADS officials say. The Air Force plans to buy 179 tankers, four of which will be used for testing. Pentagon and Boeing officials will not release the target per-unit price of the aircraft in early lots, though the numbers have been negotiated. Until the roughly five-year...

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