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New York, Delray Beach (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Latin America / Caribbean) Apr 10, 2011

Dassault Aviation Between September 2009 and January 2011, Brazil's F-X2 fighter competition seemed more like a power struggle than an evaluation process, with the state's political leadership favouring the Dassault Rafale and the air force preferring either of two alternatives. In this narrative, the winning bid would belong to the victorious side of an internal battle within the Brazilian bureaucracy, with most bets on the Rafale - President Luiz Incio "Lula" da Silva's declared favourite. However, the dynamics of the competition, worth at least $6 billion, completely changed on 6 December 2010, when da Silva ceded the F-X2 decision to his successor and former chief of staff Dilma Rousseff, who became president on 1 January 2011. Apr 4, 2011

Embraer Embraer sees a solid business case for its KC-390 airlifter. Embraer has completed a 3D mockup of its KC-390 airlifter, envisioned as a jet-powered alternative to the venerable C-130. Embraer has partnered with the Brazilian government on the ambitious project, with a reported break-even point of 120 orders. Apr 5, 2011

Embraer, Raytheon Judging by the standard of most Portuguese-language internet reviews, last year's Brazilian-made blockbuster Segurana Nacional was a total flop. Apparently, a film based on the 2002 deployment of the Raytheon-built Amazon surveillance system (SIVAM), with ample aerial footage of Embraer-made...

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