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Nov 1, 2009

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency wants to air launch a suborbital demonstrator by 2014 to test technologies for its planned two-stage to orbit advanced space transport system. The technologies are for reusability, health monitoring and aircraft-like operability. Released at 36,000ft (11,000m) at a speed of about 456kt (845km/h), the vehicle would fire its rocket engines to reach 100km (62miles) and glide back for a runway landing. JAXA is interested in using Virgin Galactic's WhteKnight Two as a carrier aircraft. Oct 27, 2009

Fourteen people were killed in two separate accidents involving military helicopters in Afghanistan on 26 October, NATOOs International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has confirmed. One coalition helicopter came down in western Afghanistan shortly after picking up personnel who had taken part in a raid on an insurgent compound suspected of being used to support narcotics activities. ISAF says seven US service members and three US civilians died in the accident, while a further 26 US and Afghan personnel were injured. An investigation has been launched into the loss of the aircraft, but ISAF says that Othe cause is not believed to be from enemy actionO. It has yet to disclose...

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