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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America) Feb 19, 2012

Boeing Boeing is considering smaller P-8 aircraft. Boeing is weighing whether to scale down its P-8 aircraft for markets that may not need all of the Poseidon maritime aircraft-s features. "P-8 has tremendous capabilities, but not every country has requirements for anti-submarine warfare or torpedoes," said Jeff Kohler, vice president at Boeing Military Aircraft. "The U.S. Navy is working with us to improve essentially something you can scale into different-size aircraft." The P-8A Poseidon is a true multi-mission platform. On board P-8A, all sensors contribute to a single fused tactical situation display, which is then shared over both military standard and internet protocol data links, allowing for seamless delivery of information amongst U.S. and coalition forces. As an armed platform, P-8A independently closes the kill chain, while simultaneously providing data to everyone on the network. The P-8A is the latest military derivative aircraft to benefit from a culture of technical innovation and the One Boeing approach to manufacturing (see In Line Production video). The P-8A has the fuselage of a 737-800 and the wings of a 737-900. Modifications to the baseline commercial aircraft are incorporated into the aircraft in-line. In the past, commercial aircraft were sent to modification centers where they were taken apart and rebuilt to meet military specifications. The P-8A is Boeing's first military derivative aircraft to incorporate structural modifications to the aircraft as it moves through the commercial line. Feb 14, 2012

Boeing Boeing Says OConfidentO of Winning South Korean Fighter Jet Deal. Boeing, maker of the F-18 and F-15 fighter jets, said itOs Overy confidentO of winning a $7 billion South Korean order for combat planes as it boosts focus on Asia amid shrinking military spending at home. OIf you look at the budget situation in Europe and the U.S., we have to make some grounds somewhere,O Joe Song, director, Asia Pacific International Business Development of Boeing defense, said in an interview in Singapore yesterday. OThe focus is Asia and the Middle East right now.O Boeing, based in Chicago, is pitching its F-15 Silent Eagle for the South Korean contract for 60 fighters against planes from Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) and Eurofighter GmbH. Asia Pacific is expected to increase spending on defense products by 4.2 percent annually until 2016, according to Frost & Sullivan. Bids for the South Korean order are due in June, and a winner may be selected by October. The country is also looking to buy 36 attack helicopters this year, Song said. OFrom the cursory look at the RFP, it looks like we can meet all requirements,O he said, referring to the initial request for proposal. OWe have great partnerships in Korea, so we are very confident that we can do this.O The other jets in the contest include the F-35 by Lockheed, the biggest U.S. military contractor, the Eurofighter Typhoon and Saab AB (SAABB)Os Gripen. Lockheed, based in Bethesda, Maryland, won an order from Japan for 42 F-35 fighters in December. The jets may cost 1.6 trillion yen ($21 billion) to buy, operate and maintain over 20 years, according to the nationOs defense ministry. Rafale Wins India last month named Paris-based Dassault Aviation SA as preferred bidder for a contract to supply 126 fighters. The planemakerOs Rafale had been shortlisted with the Eurofighter Typhoon after the earlier rejection of offers from Lockheed, Boeing, Saab and Moscow-based United Aircraft Corp. Companies are increasing their focus on Asia to offset slowing demand in Europe and the U.S., the worldOs biggest military market. Western European defense spending fell about 5 percent last year and may decline further this year, according to Fitch Ratings. In the U.S., Defense Secretary Leon Panetta presented an outline on Jan. 26 for $613 billion in spending for fiscal 2013. The proposal is part of an effort to cut $487 billion from $5.62 trillion in defense spending that had been planned for 2012 to 2021. Automatic spending cuts could force an additional $500 billion in reductions over a decade. Feb 13, 2012

Lockheed Martin 250th C-130J Super Hercules Built Is Delivered. The 250th C-130J Super Hercules built at the Lockheed Martin facility here was delivered to Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, on Feb. 16, 2012. This is the 15th C-130J delivered to the 317th Airlift Group at Dyess since 2010 and the second of 11 aircraft to be delivered to the base in 2012. Dyess will have the distinction of being home to the largest C-130J fleet in the world when...

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