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Feb 7, 2010

China's sanction threat raises concerns in aerospace industry. The aerospace industry is reacting with concern to a threat from China to impose sanctions against American groups involved in a deal to sell $6.4 billion in arms to Taiwan. The deal would involve Black Hawk helicopters, Patriot missiles and other systems provided by Boeing, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Giovanni Bisignani, director-general of the International Air Transport Association, is calling for talks between Beijing and Washington on the matter. Feb 2, 2010


Boeing has targeted the Asia-Pacific market as it seeks a variety of creative ways to continue extending C-17 production after the last aircraft now on order is delivered in September 2012. With Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea among potential buyers, Boeing has proposed establishing a consortium modeled on the joint acquisition of two C-17s by NATO and Sweden, which share the aircraft based at Papa air base in Hungary. Feb 4, 2010


Eurocopter's South-east Asia subsidiary has concluded its...

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