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Apr 19, 2009


China's navy plans to accelerate the purchase and development of a new generation of aircraft as part of a long-term modernisation plan aimed at boosting its bluewater capabilities. "The navy will move faster in researching and building new generation weapons to boost the ability to fight in regional sea wars under the circumstances of information technology," says navy chief Adm Wu Shengli. The navy has around 800 aircraft including fighters, bombers, maritime patrol, transport aircraft and helicopters, but these are not as modern as the aircraft in the air force's inventory. In recent years, however, the country has been seeking to buy and develop new aircraft to modernise its aviation fleet. Apr 17, 2009

South Korea

South Korea has begun a study into its attack helicopter requirement, with the country deciding between an indigenous AH-X development programme and an international tender for an off-the-shelf solution. "The government had informal discussions with several companies on what they can offer. It has also talked to KAI [Korea Aerospace Industries] about the viability of a domestic programme. Some senior officials feel that an indigenous programme is too expensive and that it may be more prudent to go for an existing platform, but the study will help them decide," says an industry source in Seoul. Apr 14, 2009


Taiwan's defence ministry has set aside an initial $230 million from its latest budget to purchase 60 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. Its officials hope that the Obama administration will give the deal a nod by the end of this...

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