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Apr 12, 2009

Indonesian Air Force, Fokker

An Indonesian Air Force Fokker F-27 transport aircraft crashed into a hangar while trying to land in heavy rain at an airport outside Bandung on Monday, killing all 24 people on board. The aircraft had six crew, 17 trainee army paratroopers, and one instructor. They were returning from a parachuting exercise when the accident happened, according to Indonesian news reports. The pilot was trying to land the aircraft when it suddenly veered left and crashed into a hangar belonging to state-owned aerospace firm Dirgantara Indonesia (IaE). Nobody on the ground was injured in the incident, says a company official. There were five other fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter in the hangar at the time, he adds. The fixed wing aircraft were two Batavia Air Boeing 737s, two IaE CN-235s owned by the manufacturer, and an IaE CN-212-200 operated by an unidentified local airline. The official says that the CN-212 suffered some slight damage. The Indonesian armed forces has begun an investigation and is conducting air-worthiness checks on all military aircraft because of the incident. Apr 7, 2009

North Korea

North Korea claims it has successfully put an experimental communications satellite, Kwangmyongsong-2, into orbit on Sunday 5 April using the Unha-2 rocket carrier, although the US Department of Defense says the launch was a failure. The North Korean state-run news agency says the country's leader Kim Jong-il witnessed the...

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