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Feb 22, 2009


US Air Force investigators have determined that a Boeing B-52[sup.1]s incorrectly positioned horizontal stabiliser trim led the bomber to crash north-west of Guam on 21 July last year, killing all six crew. The inquiry could not, however, establish why the trim was improperly set at 4.5-5[degrees] nose-down. Feb 22, 2009

Saab Aircraft

Thailand[sup.1]s defense ministry plans to secure the budget to exercise options for a second batch of six Saab Gripen fighters in the next fiscal year, but the deal hangs in the balance due to the country[sup.1]s uncertain political situation. The money will come from the Royal Thai Air Force[sup.1]s budget and be spread out over five years, allowing the service to take delivery of the aircraft from 2013, says defence minister Prawit Wongsuwan. The cost is likely to be...

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